Keeping Dogs Happy and Healthy

Keeping Dogs Happy and Healthy

Posted by MushyFace Cookie Co. on 11th Apr 2016

Dogs are man’s best friend, with that said, many dog owners have developed a special affinity with their dogs, others will even treat them as more than just a pet. The truth is, most dog owners want only the best for their pets by making sure they are safe, happy and healthy.

One of the reason we love our dog is they give a lifetime of unconditional love, loyalty and friendship, but in return they count on you to provide them with the basics: food, water, regular veterinary care, exercise, shelter, safety and companionship.

treat ingredients image MushyFace Cookie Co. is not just a company selling healthy dog treats, rather they are people who love dogs and who care about what dogs are eating. Over the years, they have expanded their recipes to create new and exciting flavors without compromising quality. Their cookies are handmade, oven-baked and hand-basted.

Aside from giving them healthy foods, dogs also need to be taken cared of especially when they are sick. Did you know that your touch can help a dog feel better? In an article, Cindy shares how she has worked with thousands of dogs, helping them to feel better physically and mentally by using her fingers in a series of light, loving touch.

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Energy work is easy and it can change your life. This may seem like an “out there” statement to some but if you think of how your mood, i.e. the energy you’re emitting, affects your day and those around you, you’ll recognize the truth of this statement. Having a bad day, a storm cloud over your head? Chances are you’ll experience upset after upset: someone cuts you off, you stub your toe, spill your coffee, have heated words with a co-worker, step in dog poo. Why? The energy you’re giving off is simply creating more of the same for you. The opposite is also true: approach the day smiling and chances are you’ll be delivered up positive experiences. Now think of how your energy can and does affect your dog. Stands to reason you could harness this power, no?

Cindy Brody certainly knows this to be true. Cindy is an energy worker and an animal communicator who has been helping animals with energy balancing her whole life, having discovered her special skill for communing with animals when she was just a child. Cindy has worked with thousands of dogs, helping them to feel better physically and mentally by using her fingers in a series of light, loving touch. This may sound simple but it can be transformative. And as Cindy asserts, we all have the ability to help our dogs heal using this technique., a modality she calls CinergE.

“Just like people, dogs hold nervous tension in their bodies.” Cindy says. “Tension causes pain and feeds insecurities, and can make a nervous dog even more distrusting. When the dog’s thoughts are honoured and their bodies are relaxed, healing begins.”

Dogs can make us happy, but how do we reciprocate the favor and make them happy as well? Here are some tips to ensure that your dog stays happy with you:

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It’s the same ritual every morning. After breakfast and a few minutes of downtime the games begin. Mimi and Matisse 

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begin AM Playtime. First the approach, each one letting the other one know what games are about to begin and what toys should be included. Then, it happens.

The play growling, chasing and toy theft goes into full swing. As we sip our morning joe on the lanai and attempt to count the ibis, ducks and seagulls on the bright green golf course we hear their joyous raunt below as they run from the couch to master bed room bed and back again as fast as their paws will carry them on the carpet. It’s a joy to us to hear and makes us think they are happy.

But besides having and good appetite and playing, how can you know if your dog is really happy?

First thing you do is look deeply into their eyes. A dog that is happy will show his emotion throughout his entire body, from the brightness of his eyes, all the way to the rapid wagging of his tail. A happy dog often looks like he is wiggling his entire body in eager anticipation at seeing you walk in the door after a long day at work.A happy dog often looks like he is wiggling his entire body in eager anticipation at seeing you walk in the door after a long day at work. A dog may playfully jump up just to be close to you in his excitement. Which in my case, despite proper obedience training, they still do.

Next, show him who’s the boss. A happy dog will roll on his back and expose his belly to you, a sign that he is happy and is trusting of you. Rewarding your pup with a nice belly scratch in this instance will increase the happiness exponentially. In fact, a dog that initiates physical contact, such as bumping up against you, putting his muzzle in your hand or pawing at you is expressing his happiness and desire to be with you. Mimi is infamous for sitting on the couch next to me and slapping her paw down to get my attention and my hand to cradle her head. Then she sits on me. All 40 pounds of her.

Finally, A happy and content dog may show you how he feels just by sitting quietly beside you with his head on your lap or with his body nestled against yours. This is his way of showing a relaxed happiness that demonstrates his enjoyment at simply being in your presence. I always joke that whatever room I go to Mimi is already there. Waiting for me… does she do that?

Medicine and science has continually evolved to better the lives of both humans and animals alike. Dog lovers would be happy with this new drug which can add up to five years of a dog’s life. Read more on this article here:

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There is a drug trial being conducted that is aiming to add up to five years to your dog’s life. It is being performed at the University of Washington’s Dog Aging Project, and involves 32 dog’s between six and nine years old.

“We believe that improving healthy lifespan in pet dogs is a worthy goal in and of itself. To be clear, our goal is to extend the period of life in which dogs are healthy, not prolong the already difficult older years,” said the researchers on their website.

“Imagine what you could do with an additional two to five years with your beloved pet in the prime of his or her life. This is within our reach today.”

A drug known as rapamycin (generic name sirolimus) is commonly given to recipients of donor organs. It’s to combat the body rejecting the new organ, and can also be used in fighting cancer. Administering the drug seems to also have an effect on the aging process, according to the researchers. Other recent studies being conducted on the drug have shown to increase the lifespan of mice and other organisms.

The abovementioned drug is relatively new and a lot of tests will still have to be made. To ensure your dog’s health, give her healthy dog treats which uses only the finest quality ingredients without preservatives, fillers or by-products. Check-out MushyFace Cookie Co.’ s website for details.