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Elk Antler Chews

Some dogs just love to chew so why not give them something that’s keeps both of you happy! Why Elk Antlers? Besides being less dense than other antler types, they have significantly more marrow to keep your dog interested. There are many other benefits in choosing Elk antlers for your dog, including:

Size Matters!

Ideally, your dog should be able to hold an antler between their paws and still chew on an end as well as being able to carry it around in their mouth. A larger size may be in order for those very aggressive chewers who can whittle down an antler in a matter of weeks. For multiple dog households, choose antlers according to the larger dog (or keep the dogs separated while chewing).

Please do NOT buy a small size for a larger dog to “try” as it may become a choking hazard.  

Whole Vs. Split Antlers?


Whole antlers are excellent for active chewers and will take longer for your dog to go through than split ones. Dogs are after the marrow on the inside of the antlers and will chew on the ends where the marrow is exposed. Once they are unable to reach the marrow, they will chew on the outer edge of the antler, wearing it down to expose new marrow.


Split Antlers are cut down the middle, exposing the inside marrow of the antler. These have a softer chewing surface making them a great choice for the first time chewer, finicky dogs, seniors, and young puppies.

Whether you choose whole or split, size does matter. Our sizing table provides our best suggestions for choosing the proper antler for your dog. You know your individual dog’s chewing behavior and health better than anyone!

The suggestions below are just guidelines to help you determine which antler chew is appropriate for your dog. In addition to your dog’s weight, you should take into consideration the breed of your dog; how aggressively they chew; your dog’s age; and the mouth size of your dog. It is usually better to go a little bigger to be safe.

Weight of Your Dog

Recommended Antler Size

Approx. Weight of  Antler

Approx. Length of Antler

0-15 lbs.


1-2 oz.

4” – 5”

10 – 20 lbs.


2 – 3 oz.

4.5” – 7”

20 – 40 lbs.


3 – 4 oz.

5.5” – 8”

40 – 60 lbs.


5 – 6 oz.

6” – 8”

60 – 80 lbs.

Extra Large

9 – 10 oz.

8” – 11”

80+ lbs.


12 – 13 oz.

7” – 10”

 For larger sizes, contact us for availability or special order.